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What is an industrial loft?

An industrial loft or “urban” loft is typically a rental space located in an old industrial building in which the existing warehouse space has been divided and rebuilt to accommodate living spaces.  Industrial lofts typically have exposed brick walls, high ceilings with exposed pipes, concrete or hardwood floors, and other historical features.


What makes a loft different from an apartment?

The main difference between an apartment and a loft (aside from the type of building)  is the layout.  Most apartments have walls dividing living, dining, and sleeping spaces.  Lofts tend to be one open space with little or no wall divisions.


Are lofts comparable in price to apartments?

Loft prices vary, but tend to be more expensive per square foot than typical apartment units.


What is the price range for lofts?

One bedroom lofts in Dallas start around $850 per month and  two bedroom lofts start at about $1400 per month and increase rapidly from there.  Penthouse and high rise loft spaces can be very expensive, but definitely unique!


Why are loft units so expensive?

Loft units are more expensive because of the high demand for something unique and different.  Renters are usually looking for something other than the “typical apartment” when they express a desire to look at industrial lofts.

Are all lofts “old”?

No.  Many of the new apartment communities are beginning to include “new lofts” in their properties.  Basically a “new loft” in a newly constructed property will have concrete or hardwood floors, ceiling heights a little higher than the other apartments, and everything else will be the same as neighboring apartments.


Do loft properties offer the same amenities as apartment communities?

Yes.  Many of the industrial loft properties will have rooftop pools, laundry facilities onsite, community rooms, fitness centers, etc.


Are lofts easy to find?

Yes and no.  There are several great loft properties in Dallas, but they are usually pretty full.  Price range, advanced planning (timing), and flexibility will all play a part in finding the right loft space!

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